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 Lumpia/Manapua Fundraising

with Ellah's Eatery LLC

Whether this is your first time fundraising or not, at Ellah’s Eatery LLC we are here to help! Fundraising is a perfect way to meet your financial goals that can help you prepare for that special occasion.

May it be…
1st Birthday  -  Everyone wants a grand 1st birthday
School Sport  -  Sports equipment isn't that cheap
Graduation  -  What a wonderful milestone
Wedding Anniversary  -  Another year of celebration
Family Trip  -  That long overdue vacation


Lumpia - These pretty much sell themselves. From the freezer straight into the fryer cooked till golden brown. When you bite into one of these lumpias the crispiness and flavor will just blow you away. But if you still want more flavor just dip it in vinegar, salt and pepper!
* We are currently working on packing our special vinegar sauce that will leave your taste buds wanting more.  

Manapua - Chicken Asado filling that’s not too salty and not too sweet. You’ll never taste manapua as yummy as this. Wonderful soft and moist dough, you’ll experience filling with every bite. It is so addicting that you just can’t keep this to yourself, so share it with friends and family and let them experience it too!

Feel free to contact us today and let us help you to create a complete fundraising solution that specially fits your needs.

To take part in this fundraising opportunity, you, the fundraiser, must adhere to the following criterias. 

Fundraiser will..
1) Purchase a minimum of 50 bags
2) Pick up the appropriate frozen bags
3) Deliver all bags(received) in a timely manner to purchaser(your client)
4) Be responsible for all payment transactions
5) Pick up goods in proper container(cooler) so it will not perish

* we provide forms at pickup to keep track of your transactions

fundraising chart
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